Come installare bluetooth in auto

Come installare bluetooth in auto

Come installare bluetooth in auto

apps to connect phone to car

How to add Bluetooth in your carBased on the type of car stereo and car we own, we have collected below all the methods we can use to add Bluetooth in the car, spending very low amounts of money in most cases.
Bluetooth FMS receiversIf our car stereo or our car are too old to have an AUX input, we can use Bluetooth FM receivers to bring the technology to pre-2000s cars.
Portable Bluetooth Handsfree KitA very practical way to add Bluetooth in the car is to use portable Bluetooth speakers, adapted to be fixed in a particular point of the car (Bluetooth Handsfree Kit).

bluetooth fm transmitter

The BK06 hands-free kit arrives in a cardboard box, packed in a plastic bag. The shipment was very punctual as always. The box contains the kit and the USB charging cable. Before the first use / installation should be charged for about 1 hour. The installation via bluetooth and instantaneous, pressing the button of
♻ FEATURES ♻↷↷Great alternative to the built-in Bluetooth in the car.↷I was really pleased with the product for these reasons: very easy to INSTALL, WORKS very WELL and no AUDIO DISTURBANCE.↷In the car you just need to have an AUX input to attach the device and a USB jack / cigarette lighter (using a USB port).
I received as always in impeccable time and with accurate packaging this object. is configured well with the smartphone, and is easy to use. comes the call press the handset and colloquiate.un valuable aid for those who did not have a ‘car with the responder series. very simple and economical. valid even if at the beginning

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independent bluetooth hands-free kit

Once the procedure that associates our phone to the car stereo is finished, by clicking on the corresponding wheel you can choose which functions to activate on the stereo. Do you want to use the stereo as a speakerphone? Do you want to listen to the music on your smartphone through the car speakers? Do you want the phonebook of your cell phone to be visible on the display of the stereo? Then activate all these functions.
After making sure that the voice assistant is active on your device, if you have a car equipped with CarPlay and compatible with the wireless connection, make sure that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the car are active and then from the iPhone go to Settings > General > CarPlay and press the Enable Bluetooth button. To complete the connection, press the voice control button on the steering wheel of the car, go back to the iPhone display and tap on the name of the car. Finally, follow the instructions.

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aux in car

We have researched and tested several solutions that are available in the UK. We have also evaluated many reviews of Car Bluetooth Handsfree Kits, for example from the Car Audio Now blog specializing in blueetooth devices for cars, or the US review site Top10Reviews.
While you’re driving, depending on the soundproofing of the car, you’ll always have background noise, the road, the wind or other passengers who may be having a conversation or talking on their cell phones…
For the tests we took a cue from those made by Jeph Preece: to test the clarity of the signal, I evaluated the audio performance using a playlist of songs in a wide range of musical styles.
They plug into the stereo’s 3.5mm AUX input. The audio signal is sent from your phone via Bluetooth. The device decompresses the wireless signal and converts it to an analog signal that the stereo receives and amplifies.
Mpow Bluetooth Car Receiver uses Bluetooth 4.1 protocol.  It is a very compact device that allows you to connect via a classic 3.5mm audio jack your devices via bluetooth (typically all connect your phone to use it as a speakerphone, but you could also connect ipod, ipad or other devices that have bluetooth connection).

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