Come installare bluestacks su windows 10

Come installare bluestacks su windows 10

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There are applications for Android that unfortunately are not available in “desktop” version, so they can not be used on the PC. Fortunately, there are emulators that solve this problem. These are softwares that allow you to run programs on a different platform from the original. If you are looking for a simple and effective Android emulator for PC, no problem, in this guide we’ll explain how to use BlueStack 5.
Using the Screenshot button from the panel on the right of the screen you can record the moments you need for your explanations on different apps: design and editing programs, social networks, video game platforms, etc. Finally, you can also make video tutorials on BlueStacks by downloading screen recording apps that you can run in the background, such as Camtasia or Loom.

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As we have seen, the minimum system requirements to support the emulator are not high, however, if you want to enjoy an optimal experience, your system must have the following requirements and features:
Now, the question arises whether it is safe to install this software or emulator on your PC, since if you will initially play games that are designed to be played on cell phones, why should I be able to play them on the computer?
From the site itself, BlueStacks actively and passively ensures that the emulator is safe, solving a multitude of questions about issues such as malware, viruses, theft and cyber attacks, data protection, cryptocurrency miner …

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Are you looking for an Android emulator to play your favorite apps on your computer? Most likely then you can end your search with BlueStacks, one of the best emulators around.
One word of caution: download from the official BlueStacks page and don’t download anything from third-party sites that claim to have the installation file. Always go back to the primary source, downloading the version that’s right for you depending on your operating system.
To install BlueStacks on your PC or Mac, you should download the installation package (BlueStacks download) or go to the download page of the site and click on the green Download button. There is no need to select the operating system in use on your computer, since the portal detects it automatically.
Go to the BlueStacks Tweaker website and download this zipper archive (latest version). Unzip the archive, open the BSTweaker folder and launch the application. Now select Extract All, then in the new window that opens click again on the Application file.

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BlueStacks 4 has brought an important improvement over BlueStacks 2 and also BlueStacks 3 and 3N. On the one hand, the technology used allows us to get the most out of our PC in terms of graphic display. And, on the other, it allows us to run several Android applications simultaneously, making it practically multitask. We also can’t forget about the fact that it adapts to trendy mobile games, such as MOBA or Battle Royale, offering us customized mouse and keyboard combinations that perfectly emulate the native controls of these two genres, making the gaming experience on Windows almost identical to that on our smartphone or tablet.

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